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How To Buy Dental Help For Disabled Adults

They may have a Dental Help  settlement offer made and it may cover  all their expenses so they’re wondering you know do I need to hire an attorney  what the considerations Dental Help they need to have is that insurance companies want to minimize the amount of money that  they’re paying out so.

Dental Help
Dental Help

They’re not necessarily going to inform Darrel if there’s any other areas of compensation that would be available to him what  isn’t mentioned in his question is whether the insurance company had provided any monetary value for

His pain and suffering they haven’t taken into consideration whether you know he missed  work from the accident or what other avenues in his policy he may have such as medical payments what we called med pay or other avenues

That may be available to him that the insurance company is you know either  not necessarily letting him know or informing him up so one of the things he can do is at least have a consultation and not the Kelly Law team I always

Sit down with clients I look at their policy it’s a free consultation and I give them  advice about whether or not they could possibly do better a lot of times they can but sometimes I say look you got a good settlement here so you know it never is a bad thing to at least talk to an attorney to determine if there’s more money out there available okay well

That  makes a lot of sense actually okay next question was from from Janet she said to her car hasn’t had a blowout and ended up running into a light pole she said no one was hurt but she’s asking if she can sue the tire manufacturer yeah so a lawsuit against.