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Renaissance Dental Guide ( Latest Dental Insurance)

Renaissance Dental That give my boss recourse to fire me  because that it didn’t happen in the workplace well you’re actually you just  ask a couple  Renaissance Dental  questions you kind of stole my Thunder so.

Renaissance Dental
Renaissance Dental

I was gonna go to a work  comp claim that testing may end up having as well but let me answer those into part number one based on the fact  that you know.

I’m not sure how the Clippers consider their people on the clock or off the clock because it appears that you know they’re away there  you know they are going to be having .

A game so if he’s considered on the clock not only can he have a lawsuit against Blake Griffin but it could also be a worker’s comp claim he could file against the Clippers because.

He got injured if he’s considered on the job so that’s the first part of yet another claim that he may have for his injuries  okay so that’s one um in terms of what could occur because of the fact that lets say they were not on the job and.

The Clippers began you know say that there fire him this is more about sort of the  moral aspect of how they want their employees to be behaving and I think the Clippers depending on the type of contract .

That this equipment manager has signed if there are some moral clauses in there that says if you’re you know  end up getting into .

A fight or something like that we can terminate you again we don’t have their contract then they may have a cause as well so a lot of these things that you were talking about is hype you know hypotheticals but we would