SONICARE TOOTHBRUSH REPLACEMENT HEADSYour teeth every day  SONICARE TOOTHBRUSH REPLACEMENT HEADS to impress your dentist and your date and your date it’s essential for fresh breath it’s been a few days since you used your mouth rinse rinsing your mouth every day leads to a healthier smile your smile is the first thing people notice about.

You Pro fact of all halitosis originates in the mouth that’s bad breath okay I still can’t get the app to show me what to do and connect to the toothbrush so let’s go back to this toothbrush so it actually comes with a charger that’s like like this and then this little glass thing comes on top.

This is for the new SONICARE TOOTHBRUSH REPLACEMENT HEADS DiamondClean smart and then this sits right on top and then it lights up and lets you know that it’s working and it also vibrates once you put it on so that’s the charger and then it comes with this really cool it’s like leathery feeling travel case and you could fit like two two heads in there plus.

The toothbrush  and then in the back it’s actually the charger that can also attach to your like your phone charger so that’s like a USB type charger so that’s really cool and then it comes with like a little breath spray for when you’re on the go with sugar free alcohol free.


Neutralizing stab breast and has a two and a SONICARE TOOTHBRUSH REPLACEMENT HEADS half year warranty that you can just like register your product online which is really cool the sonic carriers that I’ve had in the past it was just like a one-year warranty and that’s it what this is cool cuz.

They’re extending it and they’re making it two and a half years so I think that’s really neat there’s like a whole bunch of their products that you could get I have the kids one and then my next review between I’m going to do the air flosser if you saw one of my earlier reviews I have the older model but I’m going to compare in my next video the old flosser to the new flosser so that’s for like water if you’ve ever heard of the Water Pik read more SONICARE TOOTHBRUSH REPLACEMENT HEADS